Journal of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics 2016. 2(2):.

The effect of maternal pre-cesarean oral carbohydrate supplementation on neonatal jaundice: a randomized, double-blind clinical trial
Razieh Khalooeifard, Zohre Tabassi, Mostafa Qorbani, Seyed-Hossein Ardehali, Saeed Hosseini


Background: lack of breastfeeding initiation in the first hours after birth is an influencing factor in the incidence of jaundice, and breastfeeding problems in the first week of birth are common. Given the effectiveness of oral carbohydrate before the cesarean section on maternal breastfeeding in the first days of birth, this study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of oral carbohydrate on the incidence of neonatal jaundice.

Methods:  In this randomized, double-blind clinical trial study, a total of 91 women scheduled for elective cesarean surgery were randomly divided into intervention (oral carbohydrate before surgery, N=45) and placebo (flavored water before surgery, N=46) groups. The intervention group received 400 + 800 ml of a carbohydrate solution before surgery. Until the end of the first week of birth, subjects were followed-up for neonatal jaundice incidence through the information contained in the medical records.

Results: In the intervention group, 6 infants developed jaundice.  All these cases were infants with blood group of A or B from mothers with blood group of O. In contrast, in the placebo group, 25 infants developed jaundice, of them, 5 cases were infants with blood group of A or B from mothers with blood group of O. The number of infants with jaundice was significantly lower in the group receiving oral carbohydrate than in the group receiving placebo (n = 25 (54.3%) VS. n = 6 (13.3%), P  0.001).

Conclusion: Regardless of the type of blood group, pre-cesarean oral carbohydrate intake was observed to reduce the incidence of neonatal jaundice. These findings suggest that carbohydrate could be used as a preventive dietary supplement against neonatal jaundice, which occurs due to the lack of breastfeeding. However, further clinical trials are warranted to confirm our results and to investigate the role of other influencing factors on jaundice such as G6PD deficiency status.

Keywords: neonatal jaundice; cesarean surgery; oral carbohydrate; breastfeeding


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