Journal of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics 2016. 2(2):.

Major dietary patterns and osteoporosis risk in postmenopausal Iranian women
Sajjad Moradi, Leila Khorrami, Sima Ali-akbar, Fatemeh Zare, Tanaz Alipour, Azadeh Dehghani -karibozorg, Mir Saeed Yekaninejad, Khadijeh Mirzaei, Zhila Maghbooli


Background /Objective: As the global elderly population increases,the prevalence of osteoporosis and the incidence of osteoporosis-related fractures are becoming a major social and medical concern in both developed and developing countries. Therefore, the objective of the present study was to examine association dietary pattern and bone health in postmenopausal women.

Materials and Methods: In this study, 254 postmenopausal women aged 46 to 78 years were examined. Body composition measured by Body Composition Analyzer Physical activity using the short form of physical activity questionnaire (IPAQ) was performed Bone mineral density was measured by DEXA method. Major dietary patterns were determined using factor analysis on 27 foods groups using a valid and reliable, 147-item semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire (FFQ)  The major dietary patterns were identified by factor analysis (PCA) method.

Results: Three dietary patterns including The Mediterranean diet, Traditional and unhealthy were identified. These three dietary patterns explained 30.45 % of total variance in dietary intakes.  Our results showed that higher adherence score to a " Mediterranean " dietary pattern was positively associated with Zscore L2_L4 lumbar  spine (0.05> P). Furthermore, logistic regression results showed that Mediterranean dietary pattern reduces the risk of osteopenia/ osteoporosis (OR = 0.75, 95%CI: 0.58 -0.96). However, Traditional (OR = 0.97, 95%CI: 0.76 -1.24) and Unhealthy (OR = 1.19, 95%CI: 0.93 -1.52) dietary patterns were no  association with risk of osteopenia/ osteoporosis

Conclusion: It seems Mediterranean dietary pattern, has a protective association against the risk of osteopenia/ osteoporosis in postmenopausal women


Bone mineral density, Dietary patterns, postmenopauasl women, Mediterranean diet, osteoporosis


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