Journal of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics 2016. 2(2):.

Effect of strenuous physical activity and Crocus stavus Supplementation on HSP 70, IL-6, TNF α in male mountain climbers
Farshad Ghazalian, Fatemeh Janbozorgi, Nader Shakeri



Objective: This study attempted to investigate acute effect of strenuous physical activity with & without saffron supplementation on heat shock protein 70 (HSP70), interleukin-6 (IL-6) and TNFα in male mountain climbers

Design: A 10-day, one-blind, pretest–posttest design.

subjects: Eleven male climbers with an age range of 27-37 years old ran at one session physical activity with intensity 80-90% of maximum heart rate for 45 minutes on a -5% slope surface. Blood samples were collected from subjects before, immediately  and  after one hour the physical activity to measure  HSP70, IL-6 and TNFα. 3 days after recovery, the subjects were given 300 mg of dried stigmas of saffron in capsules once a day for ten days. Subsequently, blood samples were obtained from the subjects again before, immediately and after one hour physical activity. The changing trends in the variables were evaluated through analysis of variance with repeated measures at a significance level 0.05.

results: one session strenuous physical activity with saffron supplementation compared with only physical activity had a significant effect on the level of heat shock protein 70 (680.25±127.86   528.18±111.63)  at the immediately after of physical activity(P<0.05).strenuous physical activity with saffron supplementation compared with only physical activity had no significant effect on the level of IL-6 and TNFα at the before ,immediately and  after one hour physical activity. (P>0.05)

Conclusions: saffron intake ten days before a session of strenuous physical activity can have decrease effect on heat shock protein 70 immediately after physical activity.


saffron, HSP70, IL-6, TNFα, strenuous physical activity


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