Journal of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics 2016. 2(1):.

Maternal 25-hydroxyvitamin D level and postpartum depression: a systematic review
Shiva Kazemi, Kurosh Djafarian, Sakineh Shab-Bidar


Objectives: To evaluate systematically the role of maternal vitamin D levels in postpartum depression (PPD)

Methods: PubMed and EMBASE databases were searched using the search words [vitamin D, cholecalciferol, calcitriol, 1,25 (OH)D] in combination with [postpartum depression, PPD, postnatal depression, PND] in the title, abstract, and keywords. The search was limited to publications in English. Criteria for inclusion in this systematic review were data on maternal 25(OH) D and PPD.

Results: We identified 147 publications at first, from which five observational studies were selected for inclusion in the final one study 25(OH) D was associated with PPD. In another one was found an association but in category with vitamin D lower than 47 nMol/L was significant in p<0.05. In two studies the blood sample was taken after childbirth and observed an increased risk of PPD associated with only serum 25[OH] D levels ≤ 25.46 nmol/L and ≤25 nmol/L and in one studies not only observed no association between vitamin D concentrations and risk of PPD  but also found that in compare with  women 50–79 nmol/L, women with higher 25(OH)D3 concentrations (79 nmol/L) appeared to have significantly increased risks of PPD.

Conclusion: It seems that vitamin D plays a role along with other factors that might cause postpartum depression, in a specific but unknown cut off. Further studies are necessary to identify the exact role of vitamin D on PPD.


Vitamin D, postpartum depression, pregnancy, meta-analysis


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