Journal of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics 2015. 1(1):1.

A forum for exchange of ideas among basic and applied nutrition researchers
Abolghassem Djazayery


The ultimate goal of the science of nutrition, at least from a public health point of view, is promotion of nutritional status of communities and food and nutrition security of populations. Based on results of basic and applied research in all areas of nutrition and food science, as well as such  other  disciplines  as  epidemiology  and health promotion, policy-makers and planners would make informed decisions and adopt policies and strategies aiming at eliminating malnutrition and protecting and promoting nutrition security. Food  and nutrition  research may,   in   its   entirety,   be   considered   as   a continuum, extending from studies on the molecule and the cell to the human body to the population at large. The well-known cell-to- society concept advanced by Cornell University encompasses this continuum. Current nutrition research in universities and research centers worldwide is focused on one or more aspects of this concept.

Most food and nutrition research is conducted in   the   form   of   master’s   and   PhD   theses.Presently,    undergraduate    and    postgraduatenutrition programs are being offered in several universities of medical sciences across the country. In addition, schools of agriculture have food science and technology programs. Consequently huge amounts of data and information on various aspects of food and nutrition are frequently becoming available, and expected to be published as soon as possible.

The Journal   of   Nutritional   Sciences   and Dietetics is the official research publication of the School of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. The vision is to be "the premier peer- reviewed journal in the field of food, nutrition, and dietetics in the region."

The Journal will attempt to facilitate publishing results of original research, as well as review articles and short communications, in all relevant areas and provide a forum for exchange of ideas among researchers, planners and policy- makers.

The Journal publishes  manuscripts  across  a wide range of research and practice in nutrition,dietetics and food – results of original research;cohort and randomized clinical trials; narrative reviews;   systematic   reviews;   and   research applications.Topicsincludenutritionalscience,nutrigenomics, foods and nutrients in health and disease; dietary patterns; and dietary interventions; medical nutrition therapy; translational research; dietetics practice; public health nutrition; nutrition epidemiology; food safety; food security; nutrition leadership; food and nutrition policy and planning; nutrition and dietetics education.

Findings of original research, parts of which have been presented at scientific meetings as an abstract, will also be considered for publication.

The Journal is published in electronic format and publishes Articles in Press (articles postedon the Journal's website).


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